Some Love From past clients

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Client Testimonials

Here's a few genuine stories from some of my past clients about their experience working with me as their health coach. They are all have vastly different nutritional and lifestyle requirements!

Through their stories can you see how important it is to throw away the dieting rule book and do what's right for YOU?

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and I've been on fad diets more times than I can remember. When I was eighteen I started getting symptoms that would later be diagnosed as IBS. A few months ago i was trying to eat healthier because my son was starting solids and I wanted him to be healthy. I realised that I couldn't do it on my own, so I got help from Kirsty.

In my first consult, she made me feel so much better about eating healthy and making it my lifestyle, not just a diet. It was a really slow start in the first month but I'm now down 20kgs, my family's lifestyle is healthy and I feel so much better! Now I WANT to eat healthy and I WANT to exercise.

Kathy M, Down 20kg, whole family is healthier!

From the first consult with Kirsty I started to think differently about my health. I have been on a 'diet' since I was a teenager, but always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and Kirsty helped me to change my perspective. I no longer exercise because I hate my big thighs, saggy tummy or butt! Instead I exercise because I love my body and I am starting to really enjoy the rush of endorphins after an intense workout.

The quick, easy, basic ingredient recipes have been amazing and having my menu plan makes shopping so much easier. I'll never go on a 'diet' again, and I have Kirsty to thank for that.

Cara L, No more dieting for me!

Since working with Kirsty my overall health has greatly improved. She gave me wonderful options and was highly encouraging and supportive, helping me find food choices that work for me. Knowing that I had options in my dietary health helped me realise that what I was doing was not a 'fad diet'.

I am 25kg lighter, my skin is bright and clear, I have more energy than ever before, and most importantly, I am in far less pain and I have not been sick, which is a big deal for me!

I now have the knowledge to make the right choices that will positively impact on my health, for the rest of my life. For anyone looking for a permanent solution instead of a diet & rules to follow I would definitely recommend Kirsty!

Danielle B, Down 25kg, clear skin and feel amazing!

Before coaching sessions with Kirsty I was tired all the time. I struggled to make it through a full busy day on my feet. I am so glad I gave Kirsty a go, she has helped me in so many different aspects of my life!

I thought I knew a little about nutrition and what foods were good for me but Kirsty blew all that out of the water! She helped me rearrange some things and now I feel amazing. I can easily make it through a busy day at work and I am so much happier for it!

Amanda C, I have ENERGY!