Why your kids won’t eat vegetables & what to do about it!

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ALL of the parents I have ever worked with in consultations have trouble getting their children to eat vegetables. Kids don't give a flying turtle if something is healthy or not! They are ruled by intuition, feeling and live 100% in the moment. They don't eat healthy because they want to grow big and strong, or sleep better, or do well at school. So telling them something is healthy or good for them is rarely ever enough motivation. Why?   Here are 3 reasons why you are struggling to get your kid to eat vegetables, and what to do about it! 1. Chemistry: Sugar lights up the brain like a Christmas tree - stimulating the same pleasure centres of the brain as cocaine.  After eating a sweet sugary/junk food treat, your kid gets a major hit of dopamine. Their brain chemistry is literally telling them they need MORE of that [...]

DIY Natural cleaning solutions that actually WORK

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I think we all intuitively know that choosing natural cleaning solutions is better for our health. BUT how do we know what products are legit, and what have been "greenwashed?" If you just want the natural solutions; scroll down. Otherwise here is a really quick summary on WHY you should clean out your cleaning cupboard!  Avoid 'green-washed' cleaning products... If you've never heard of greenwashing before - it describes products that have things like 'natural,' 'organic,' 'biodegradable,' or 'green' on the front of the packaging. While the front is all hearts and flowers, sadly the back tells a very different story. Why do they 'greenwash' products? Its simple really, the marketing departments of these manufacturers have conducted market research which revealed consumers are DEMANDING natural, non-toxic products. So sometimes without making any changes to the product beyond 'greenwashing' the packaging, these companies are leveraging the demand for natural solutions, [...]

Smoothie maker, blender or food processor? Comparing the best of 2017

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In just a few weeks I am releasing my brand new eBook - The Zoosh Book. It has been a labour of love for over 2 years and I am so excited to finally share it with the world! While we all wait for the 1st of September to arrive; here is my tips for choosing the best blender/processor/smoothie-maker (aka Zoosher) for your needs. My NUMBER ONE PICK: is...drumroll... Whatever Zoosher you already own!! I am a huge believe in K-I-S-S (Keeping it SUPER Simple) and as a minimalist, my first pick is to use whatever you already own. There are of course some limitations to certain types of zooshers, but generally speaking if you have a reasonably high-powered device you can create absolutely anything. In my coaching practice I often hear 'I can't make that because I don't own a [fill in blank].' If you have ever had this thought, [...]

Considering the Institute for Integrative Nutrition? Read this.

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This post is for anyone considering studying the 1 year health coaching course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Full disclosure: If you click one of the links below or mention my name when signing up to IIN, I will get a small commission. However, this is my 100% honest, warts & all review of the IIN health coaching course and nothing has been left out. My reputation matters to me! Course pre-requisites & entry requirements I had no prior experience or knowledge in nutrition or biology before starting at IIN. In fact, science, biology and maths were always my weakest subjects and areas of least interest at school! There are no pre-requisites to start at IIN, not even proof of finishing year 12/high school was required! If you are worried about the science and maths component to studying nutrition like I was; these are not part of IIN. In fact, [...]

Health Coaching in Australia + why YOU need a coach!

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Ever wondered what health coaching is or what a holistic health and nutrition coach actually does? If you told me to go and see a health coach 5 years ago I would have said something like "I have Google, why do I need a coach?" Why health coaching is more important than ever before We all know to eat more veggies and lay off the chocolate, lollies and alcohol, but what about everything else? How much fat is Ok? What about natural sugars? Bread? Supplements? Nutrition is not an easy science to navigate. Why? Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all solution! One Google search and you'll read 2 different, completely opposite opinions by 2 reputable doctors, nutritionists or dieticians. So its no wonder we find eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle so difficult. Food companies have also become so much better at selling to the [...]

Is DIY Skincare Worth The Effort?

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Is DIY skin care really the solution to the nasty chemicals found in our personal care supply? As a health coach and everyday user of therapeutic grade essential oils, you'd think that I would be 100% behind DIY skincare! Here's what I've found out... Why we love DIY skin care so much. Radiant, glowing skin made with a handful of cheap ingredients you've already got in your pantry? As more people are suffering adverse reactions and "side" affects, skin conditions, respiratory problems and chronic diseases we are all looking for the cause. Sadly, government regulatory bodies (like the FDA) are not exercising any precautionary measures where cosmetic use is concerned. Its a scary statistic, but less than 20% of chemical ingredients in personal care products have actually been tested for safety. Personally, I would much rather get this OUT of my life as much as I can before the research comes [...]

Movie Review: Embrace the Documentary

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Last night myself and 159 other women (and a few men!) in Alice Springs had the privilege of watching the new 2016 Documentary Embrace. It was an incredibly powerful documentary that hit pain points for women of all ages; mums, teenagers, even 'threenagers' got a mention! Despite what Taryn's haters say on social media, Embrace is not about 'letting yourself go' or becoming unhealthy. Instead, it is about loving and accepting your body (your HEALTHY body) in whatever size or shape it is meant to be. It is about empowering you to live in a way that is exciting for YOU, finding exercise that is FUN for YOU and eating food that is NOURISHING your mind, body & soul - which is so tuned into my own philosophies its not funny! I loved this film and think everyone (including the men in our lives) should see it. Whether you are [...]