5 Reasons why Calories don’t count & what to do instead

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We need to move on from Calorie counting. It doesn't work and could actually be doing you harm! I honestly thought calorie counting had been left behind in the nineties, but apparently not! After coaching a couple of clients around calorie counting recently, I dug into some research to find some studies to give me some street-cred when I say: Counting calories is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME!  Before I dive into all the reasons why calories don't count, I'll give you the only reason why they do. Its a fundamental law of physics that energy does not just disappear, so I'll just clarify that... To lose weight; you need to create an energy (calorie) deficit by eating less than you need each day To gain weight; you need an energy surplus by eating more than you need each day This is the only way to alter fat stores in [...]

Health Coaching in Australia + why YOU need a coach!

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Ever wondered what health coaching is or what a holistic health and nutrition coach actually does? If you told me to go and see a health coach 5 years ago I would have said something like "I have Google, why do I need a coach?" Why health coaching is more important than ever before We all know to eat more veggies and lay off the chocolate, lollies and alcohol, but what about everything else? How much fat is Ok? What about natural sugars? Bread? Supplements? Nutrition is not an easy science to navigate. Why? Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all solution! One Google search and you'll read 2 different, completely opposite opinions by 2 reputable doctors, nutritionists or dieticians. So its no wonder we find eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle so difficult. Food companies have also become so much better at selling to the [...]

How to set New Years Resolutions that don’t suck

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New Year New You? With every new year comes the promise of a fresh start, wiping the slate clean and 'finally' making our dreams come true. We are never more keenly motivated to make changes and improve our lives than at the start of a new year. But motivation alone will only get you so far, so sadly most new years resolutions are left unfulfilled year after year! Do what you've always done, and you'll get what you've always gotten. How to make new year resolutions that don't suck... STOP reading! Go and get some paper right now. We're going to set some kick-ass new year resolutions right now. You've only got a few days left of 2016, so now's the time! Avoid overwhelm... Firstly, to make  2017 your BEST YEAR EVER, set yourself up for success with new year resolutions and goals that you can really achieve in 12 [...]

Turn Mindful Eating into a Mindful Life

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Extend your mindfulness practice! To effect any real change in your wiring; mindfulness needs to become a way of living - not just a way of eating. Manifest a holistic mindful life. Eating is only one piece of the health puzzle. If you build your mindful eating practice into a holistically healthy lifestyle and stay in control of your thoughts, you will set yourself up for permanent success. Turn your mindful eating to a mindful life. Mindfulness can at first seem like an intangible concept when you think about extending it to your whole life. However, practicing a mindful life is quite simply the act of concentrating on your breath and being aware of what is going on around you in the present moment. The more you do it, the more the simplicity of it becomes clear and the benefits of this manifest. It provides next-level mental clarity which will help you [...]

Stop Making ‘busy’ an excuse to sacrifice your health

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How many times have you been asked this week, "How are you?" And responded "OMG, so busy!" Every day strangers down the street stop me in my tracks to comment how busy I must be, or how full my hands are with twins to care for. Add huge business ambitions and a heavy study load and you can see why I might be considered 'busy'. These days I prefer to call my life 'full'. Here's why. 'Busy' has become a badge of honour. If you're not busy the somehow you're failing, or not trying hard enough at life. Busyness is the reason why we no longer arrange meet ups with friends in person, why we don't exercise, why we've never taken the leap and started our dream job, why we've never travelled overseas or [insert yours here!] Here's the kicker - all the big, time-consuming things that we've always wanted to do, but [...]