How to get the most out of your doTERRA account

If you have placed your first order with doTERRA and really want to boost your physical, emotional and environmental health then understanding the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is super important... because you are going to want to be on it.

It’s not about ‘spending’ money each month. It’s about investing in the oils so that we have more options while spending less money.

For instance, if you purchase a few companion products you can drastically cut your cleaning and cosmetic product costs; without compromising your health to save money. Once you start to understand how/when/why to use your oils kit, the LRP becomes a no brainer to keep you stocked up.

Firstly, you'll notice that all oils have a PV (aka Product Value).

The product value is like the universal equaliser, which just means that no matter what country you are in, the PV is the same. When you join LRP and maintain an order of over 50pv, you get a percentage of those PV back into your account to spend. It's like store credit you can use to redeem free products. To start with you get 10% back, but the longer you keep your account that increases up to 30% (see below).

Once you join, you have complete control and can cancel at anytime.

Each month you can change your order and at any time you can contact member services to cancel your LRP order completely. This is not a lock-in deal.

For example, a bottle of one of my absolute favourites; Whisper Women’s Blend is valued at $55 retail or $44 wholesale… BUT is only 27pv.

So once you save up 27pv in your back office, you can spend that on a $44 bottle of Whisper. See the value? Amazing right?


You do not need to order or use mega amounts of oil to make this worthwhile.

Over 65% of doTERRA customers globally order at least one oil every one to three months. For most of us embodying the essential oil/holistic healthy lifestyle we use them everyday, multiple times per day.

My day in oils;

6.30am - alarm goes off, or more likely the twins have already woken me up. If I'm lucky enough to beat them up, I will inhale some peppermint to put some 'pep' in my step for a morning walk, or I will sit with the blend Balance (seriously good!) for a short guided meditation. 

7.30-8 - After brekky I will brush my teeth using the OnGuard toothpaste, wash my face and apply frankincense and lavender neat. I have a home made roller blend of Whisper and Balance that is A la perfume Kirsty which goes on. Usually the twins are with me, and will request their oils too; so lavender, balance, citrus bliss or wild orange go on them. 

8-10 - During the mornings we are usually busy doing something, but on cleaning day I will put oils in the diffuser (the combination of which changes all the time! Currently I love cedarwood & citrus bliss). I will clean the entire house with 2 things; my OnGuard household cleaner concentrate and my home-made surface spray. Citrus bliss or another citrus oil goes in the mop bucket, eucalpytus and cypress are in my bug repelling spray and wild orange is my window cleaner. 

10am - By now the girls are hungry, so we'll have morning tea which may be fruit, blissballs or some other oil-infused treat. Think lemon biscuits with baby cinos, home made peppermint slice, vegan cheesecakes.... 

1-3pm - After lunch the girls usually have a nap, which is when I work on my computer. I usually have my drink bottle sitting near by with a few drops of the metabolic blend Smart and Sassy, fennel or other food-safe oil. Smart and Sassy is a great energy-boost mid-afternoon! 

6pm - Usually sometime after 6 the girls have a bath, which usually has a few drops of lavender, citrus or flowery oil in it to help them start calming down for bed. They also get lavender on their feet and chest as well as in the diffuser in their room.

7pm - After a shower I'll run through my oils regime; frankie and lavender on my face, sometimes an aromatic dressing with fractionated coconut oil over my body, my diy perfume roller goes on, perhaps passion on my wrists, DigestZen on my tummy depending on how I feel. My bedroom diffuser is always on; cedarwood, frankie, wild orange, lavender, balance, ylan ylang, roman chamomile... Whatever I feel like on the day. 

The bottom line is you'll never run out of things to use your oils for!

How to setup your LRP order:

Hot Tips to get the most value from LRP!

★ If you spend over 125pv and your LRP Ships between the 2nd and 15th of the month, you receive a FREE product from doTERRA called the ‘Product Of The Month’, which will be automatically shipped with your order. These change each month and could be valued from $20 all the way to $50!

★ If you ever want to share doTERRA oils or create a business with them, then the ONLY overhead you have is to process a 100pv order monthly. If this is something you’re interested in, chat to your Upline and they will help you out.

Additional Must-Remember Info!

You have set your LRP to ship on your chosen date monthly. This means you need to update your cart each month after your order ships to make sure you receive different products and oils each month. doTERRA will send you a reminder email prior to the shipping date in case you forget. Too easy!

I will admit the doTERRA website is in dire need of an upgrade (As a former web developer I just can't stand clunky websites!) so if you do get stuck ordering online let me know I'm happy to help 🙂 

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