Healthy Flexitarian Recipes

Free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, chemical additives & preservatives!

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Flexitarian Recipes to nourish your body from the inside out.

I spend a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen, trying at least 2 or 3 new recipes each week. Even so, I still look for recipes that are easy, family and budget friendly.

That is exactly what you'll find here! My favourite healthy, "Flexitarian" recipes free from dairy, gluten and any processed foods. They're easy enough for mid-week, delicious enough for the fussiest of families and versatile enough to repurpose for several days.

Antioxidant rich smoothie bowl recipeAntioxidant Smoothie BowlPlant-based protein and antioxidant powerhouse blueberries to improve athletic performance & muscle recovery
Sugar free muesli recipe - healthier breakfast alternativeSugar-free MuesliSkip the junk and preserved fruit from supermarket muesli and make your own versatile sugar-free version!