Health Coaching in Australia + why YOU need a coach!

Why YOU need a health coach on your team!

Ever wondered what health coaching is or what a holistic health and nutrition coach actually does?

If you told me to go and see a health coach 5 years ago I would have said something like "I have Google, why do I need a coach?"

Why health coaching is more important than ever before

We all know to eat more veggies and lay off the chocolate, lollies and alcohol, but what about everything else? How much fat is Ok? What about natural sugars? Bread? Supplements?

Nutrition is not an easy science to navigate. Why? Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all solution!

One Google search and you'll read 2 different, completely opposite opinions by 2 reputable doctors, nutritionists or dieticians. So its no wonder we find eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle so difficult.

Food companies have also become so much better at selling to the masses and sharing information that 'sounds' like it could be true. The marketing tactics used to promote these things is becoming more and more clever - they know exactly when, what and how to say their message to ensure the most profitable outcome...

'Fast acting'

'Lose weight in just xx days'

'Cook dinner in just xx minutes'

'Low fat/sugar/salt'

'Natural ingredients'

Our instant-gratification obsessed society is literally killing us. Marketing companies and their clever manipulation techniques are making us believe that we can eat junk now and fix it later.

They focus so intently on the 'benefits' of their products, that it becomes harder and harder to read between the lines and see any potential hazards, harmful ingredients or exaggerated promises.

So nutritional science is confusing and controversial; marketing companies are forcing their profiteering messages down our throats and we're living in such fast-paced world that constant stress is the daily norm.

This is where health coaches are stepping in and changing lives for the better! Why YOU need a health & nutrition coach...

1. A Health Coach takes time to truly listen

How often do you get the full, undivided attention of a health professional for 1 whole hour? How often do you discuss your life holistically with your GP?

A health coach is not a replacement for other health practitioners, but instead a complementary support system that can help you stick to your guns and make your goals a reality. You meet your health coach several times over time, whether thats in a formal program or ongoing 1:1 consultations. 1 hour, every fortnight for as long as you need. You'll dig deep, find the underlying blocks to success and smash through them.

2. A health coach has the knowledge and resources to find reliable information

Lets face it, the internet is full of JUNK! Come on, the 'banana only diet?' or the 'Potato guy?'

A professional health coach has an abundance of reliable science-backed resources to give you the best, most up-to-date health advice available at the time. If we don't know the answer (we don't know everything!) we will dive into our pool of resources and source the answers for you. When we do have the answers, we will have proof to back up our claims.

More importantly, because we are an on-going support for you, if something does not work we can find an alternative solution and will keep doing that until we find the right fit... FOR YOU.

3. A health coach is mindset focussed

Think back to your last attempt at a 'diet'. How did you go? What was the biggest struggles?

Undoubtedly the hardest part of any diet or lifestyle change is challenging long-standing habits and cultural beliefs that no longer serve you. The huge family roast dinner you enjoy fills a social and comforting need, but it does not support your other health goals. What do you do? Depriving yourself on a 'diet' is a practical approach that will only work for a short time, if at all!

Instead, your health coach will work with you to find solutions that meet all your needs, so you never feel deprived, hungry or socially uncomfortable ever again. All while you're feeling fabulous, mentally strong and kicking your long-term goals.


Health Coaching in Australia

Health coaching is no longer just an American thing; we Aussie's have well and truly adopted the profession!

Pete Evans, Sarah Wilson, Alice Nicholls and Melissa Ambrosini are all high-profile Australian wellness superstars and qualified health coaches. In fact, all four are also Alumni from the same school as me - the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

Other than dropping these big names, there are hundreds of grass-roots coaches working 1:1 with clients and changing the world one small step at a time. There are now Australian health & nutrition coaching schools popping up all over the country, which is so exciting!

Just remember that in Australia, the term Health Coach and Nutritionist is not regulated. Which means any Jill or Jo can call themselves a health coach and dish out nutrition advice. Several shake & supplement programs call their distributors 'Health coaches' but offer them no training. So whatever you do, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Here's what to look for...

What to look for in a health coach

Just like not all accountants are the same, no two health coaches are the same or as good at what they do. So to make sure that you find a good match for your needs, consider the following.

  • Firstly, check they have some form of formal education and training. Specific health coach courses, counselling, nutrition and personal training are all examples of some courses that may qualify someone as a health coach. The title of health coach is unregulated in Australia and abroad, so legally anyone can use it. If a health coach is trying to sell you products, check they have some actual qualifications and can back up any claims they make first. A health coach can recommend products, but just ensure that they have some other form of qualification first.
  • Check out your health coaches' website. A professional website (not a Facebook profile) is a sign that they're in it for the long haul. It also gives you a chance to find their qualifications, background and check out any testimonials from past clients.
  • Check if they offer a free initial health discovery consultation. Before a coach signs you up to their programs, they should meet you and find out if they can actually help you. Not all coaches can help all clients, so this is important to see if you're a good match!

So there you have it! Thats some of the top reasons why a health coach is a valuable piece to your ever puzzling health.

If you would like to book in your free initial consultation with me, GO HERE... Lets do this!

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