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Small Group coaching nutrition workshop

Gut Health Workshop 2016

Over the last 2 years working as a Health & Nutrition Coach in Alice Springs, I have created and presented several nutrition workshops to small groups.

I now offer these workshops to organisations wishing to promote wellness & health, prevent employee sick days and absences. Currently these are available to a maximum 20 people for individual workshops and 10 for wellness programs. 

The topics listed below are only examples, so if you have a specific concern you think may be more suitable, please contact me!

Additionally, all of these sessions can be built into a tailor-made wellness program over several weeks. In this closed group coaching format the participants are more engaged and involved in the process; therefore increasing information retention and likelihood of taking action.

To enquire about individual workshops or wellness programs, please contact me here. 

Suggested workshop topics:

Understanding Food Labels

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop where attendees learn how to read and understand food labels. Also how to navigate the supermarket and get passed all the marketing hype shouting at them to make a purchase. This is a hands-on workshop and each attendee will leave with handouts covering food label claims, most/least contaminated produce and hidden sugar.

*Light healthy refreshments may be provided during the 20 minute break.

Gut health

Gut Health & Food Intolerances

In this popular 1.5 hour workshop attendees get a good basic understanding of gut health and the Microbiome. They will walk out understanding how gut health impacts everything from energy, weight, skin and immunity. Additionally, they learn how modern lifestyle factors like stress, poor diet and antibiotics affect gut health and how they can start to heal their gut naturally.

*I can provide samples of home made Kombucha (a gut-lovin' probiotic tea)

Cravings & Food addiction

Cravings are messages from your body saying it needs something, the trick is working out what that is! In this 1 hour session, attendees will learn how to tune into these subtle messages and to decipher what their cravings could mean. They'll also get a cravings cheat-sheet, so that they can make healthier choices when cravings strike.

Protein & Muscle Recovery

(part 1)

In this 1 hour presentation attendees learn about protein as it relates to post exercise muscle recovery (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). It also covers some of the myths related to protein including common misconceptions about protein powders.

Carbohydrates & Fat Loss

(part 2)

This 1 hour session explains the science of weight loss, countering many of the misleading claims found on weight loss products. Attendees also learn about different types of carbohydrates and which forms support different health situations & goals.

Nutrition workshop topic healthy fats

Healthy Fats & Hormone Balance

(part 3)

Part 3 of this nutrition series covers the different types of fats; saturated, mono/poly-unsaturated and trans. Attendees learn what counts as a 'healthy fat' and why they are different to 'unhealthy fats'. This session also touches on hormones and some suggestions to bring them into balance.

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