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DIY Natural cleaning solutions that actually WORK

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I think we all intuitively know that choosing natural cleaning solutions is better for our health. BUT how do we know what products are legit, and what have been "greenwashed?" If you just want the natural solutions; scroll down. Otherwise here is a really quick summary on WHY you should clean out your cleaning cupboard!  Avoid 'green-washed' cleaning products... If you've never heard of greenwashing before - it describes products that have things like 'natural,' 'organic,' 'biodegradable,' or 'green' on the front of the packaging. While the front is all hearts and flowers, sadly the back tells a very different story. Why do they 'greenwash' products? Its simple really, the marketing departments of these manufacturers have conducted market research which revealed consumers are DEMANDING natural, non-toxic products. So sometimes without making any changes to the product beyond 'greenwashing' the packaging, these companies are leveraging the demand for natural solutions, [...]

How to get the most out of your doTERRA account

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If you have placed your first order with doTERRA and really want to boost your physical, emotional and environmental health then understanding the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is super important... because you are going to want to be on it. It’s not about ‘spending’ money each month. It’s about investing in the oils so that we have more options while spending less money. For instance, if you purchase a few companion products you can drastically cut your cleaning and cosmetic product costs; without compromising your health to save money. Once you start to understand how/when/why to use your oils kit, the LRP becomes a no brainer to keep you stocked up.  Firstly, you'll notice that all oils have a PV (aka Product Value). The product value is like the universal equaliser, which just means that no matter what country you are in, the PV is the same. When you join LRP and maintain an [...]

Young Living vs doTERRA – Which Essential Oil Company is better?

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I have used Essential Oils for YEARS and recommend them almost daily. They are the foundation of my chemical-free home and natural first aid kit that I use on our whole family; human and fur-babies alike. One of the most hotly debated arguments in the oily world, is where to source them from. Here is my comparison of the top essential oil companies. Why I'm only comparing doTERRA and Young Living... If you are new to the world of Essential Oils, there are 2 main players that dominate this marketplace: Young Living and doTERRA. Although there are many, many small brands and backyard distilleries around the world, doTERRA and Young Living are the leaders. I won't go into too much detail about what makes these two superior, but the main points are related to the size of the company. As large, multi-nationals, both Young Living and doTERRA invest hugely [...]