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Young Living vs doTERRA – Which Essential Oil Company is better?

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I have used Essential Oils for YEARS and recommend them almost daily. They are the foundation of my chemical-free home and natural first aid kit that I use on our whole family; human and fur-babies alike. One of the most hotly debated arguments in the oily world, is where to source them from. Here is my comparison of the top essential oil companies. Why I'm only comparing doTERRA and Young Living... If you are new to the world of Essential Oils, there are 2 main players that dominate this marketplace: Young Living and doTERRA. Although there are many, many small brands and backyard distilleries around the world, doTERRA and Young Living are the leaders. I won't go into too much detail about what makes these two superior, but the main points are related to the size of the company. As large, multi-nationals, both Young Living and doTERRA invest hugely [...]