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Frequently Asked Questions:

No! There are no pills, powders, shakes or magic unicorns in my programs, just real, nourishing whole foods, a flexitarian approach and tonnes of support.

I don't subscribe to food labels, instead I eat what & when I want, based on how my body feels and what I know works for me.

Instead, I encourage and teach my clients to tune into their own body, consider everything from their childhood comfort foods to their current lifestyle to find an approach to eating that works for them. Stop following someone else's rules for perfect health and start nourishing and connecting with YOUR unique body. This is what I call FLEXITARIAN - being flexible with food.

Over the course of 3 months we will work through some powerful stuff – but ultimately, the results are 100% up to you. You need to be open to change, try new things and dig deep to apply the suggestions, information and tools we discuss.

Think about all the hundreds if not thousands of dollars you’ve spent on quick fixes, fasts and diet programs so far; have any of them actually worked? 3 months of 1:1 personalised support and accountability to set you up for life, so you’ll never need ‘diet’ again? Priceless.

You can pay for 3 months upfront and save or pay in monthly or weekly instalments. Consider how much you spend on a night out, on new clothes and material ‘stuff’. Now its time to invest in you. Show yourself that you matter and invest in your health.

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