Healthy Flexitarian Recipes

Free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, chemical additives & preservatives!

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Flexitarian Recipes to nourish your body from the inside out.

I spend a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen, trying at least 2 or 3 new recipes each week. Even so, I still look for recipes that are easy, family and budget friendly.

That is exactly what you’ll find here! My favourite healthy, “Flexitarian” recipes free from dairy, gluten and any processed foods. They’re easy enough for mid-week, delicious enough for the fussiest of families and versatile enough to repurpose for several days.

Vegan Choc-nana Nice Cream
Choc-Nana Nice CreamHere's a healthy alternative thats dairy & sugar free, but still sweet, creamy and perfectly refreshing for a hot day!
Cos Lettuce TacosA quick and affordable mid-week dinner that is delicious, satisfying and toddler approved. Gluten and dairy free tacos!
Beginners Pumpkin SoupAn easy beginner-proof soup recipe to meal-prep this winter! Only a few basic ingredients and packed with flavour.
Keto Pumpkin BreadThe low-carb, dairy and gluten-free bread alternative that makes the perfect croutons or soup-dipping toast!
Dairy-free Zucchini SliceWhat this easy slice lacks in dairy & gluten it makes up for in taste & protein! Perfectly warm for winter lunches.
Tangled Thai Chicken Salad
Tangled Thai Chicken SaladSlightly minty with a squeeze of lime juice, fresh veggies and shredded leftover roast chicken makes one tasty salad.
Cookie Dough Protein BallsSatisfy your sweet craving, give you a little energy boost and keep you hunger pangs away in-between meals!
Kale & Citrus salad recipe
Kale & Citrus SaladA delightfully fresh and crispy salad that is quick and easy enough for a weekday lunch, but pretty enough for a party!
Oriental Sesame Beef recipe - midweek dinner recipe
Oriental Sesame BeefQuick and easy family friendly dinner thats perfect for midweek nights when you don't really feel like cooking!
Non-fishy Quinoa Nori Rolls
Easy Quinoa Nori RollsSeaweed is packed with nutrients, but how to eat it without that fishy taste? Overload it with other flavours of course!
Antioxidant rich smoothie bowl recipe
Antioxidant Smoothie BowlPlant-based protein and antioxidant powerhouse blueberries to improve athletic performance & muscle recovery
Sugar free muesli recipe - healthier breakfast alternative
Sugar-free MuesliSkip the sugar-syrup and preserved fruit from supermarket muesli and make your own versatile sugar-free muesli for breakfast!
Fizzy Blueberry Kombucha Recipe
Fizzy Blueberry KombuchaThe naturally fizzy gut-lovin' probiotic tea that feels like a special glass of bubbly, without all the sugar and preservatives.
Veggie Burger (aka Vurger) Recipe
Vurgers (Veggie Burgers)Vegan veggie burgers that hold together beautifully and taste great - an easy Meatless Monday option for a busy weeknight!
Honey soy garlic stir fry recipe
Honey Soy Garlic StirfryOnly a handful of ingredients and is the perfect balance of protein, loads of veggies and a good amount of healthy fats.
Grater Spring Salad Recipe
A Grater Spring SaladThis is not your average salad, its fresh, crunchy, juicy, sweet and delicious - perfect for Spring & Summer celebrations!
Healthy Beef Stroganoff Recipe
Healthy Beef StroganoffThis hearty beef stroganoff dinner is easy, makes minimal dishes (winning!) and feeds a crowd without too much effort.
Sugar free tomato sauce recipe
Sugar-free Tomato SauceTomato sauce is one sugar hit you don't need in your life. Make your own at a fraction of the cost and in less than 10 minutes!
Satay Chicken Recipe
Simple Satay ChickenThis satay chicken recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner for the family - its quick & easy to prepare and jam-packed with flavour.
Perfect Kale Chips Recipe
Perfect Cheesy Kale ChipsKale chips are the answer to your salty/crispy cravings, without the vegetable oils or preservatives found in normal potato chips!
Healthy Zoodle Bolognese
Healthy Zoodle BologneseUpgrade your heavy traditional bolognese recipe with this budget friendly and flavour-packed alternative!
Healthy Potato & Leek Soup Recipe
MM Potato & Leek SoupFool-proof easy soup recipe that is everything a soup should be - warming, comforting and delicious.
Easy home made almond milk
Easy & Creamy Almond MilkEnjoy the perfect home-made creamy & sweet almond milk every day, with no added sugar or preservatives!
Delicious warm chickpea salad
Warm Chickpea SaladCapsicum, cucumber and cherry tomatoes mixed with crunchy almond and paprika coated chickpeas... mmm...
Roast Pumpkin & Chickpea Quinoa Recipe
Roast Pumpkin & Chickpea QuinoaA protein-rich, warm and satisfying vegan salad that is delicious all on its own or as a colourful side at the dinner table.
Healthy Chocolate Souffle
Healthy Chocolate SouffleIts creamy, spongy, sweet-but-not-too-sweet and satisfies even the strongest chocolate or sweet cravings with NO ADDED SUGAR!
Raw Vanilla & Goji Bites
Raw Vanilla & Goji BitesThese little parcels of ‘pick-me-up’ are one of my favs to carry me through the afternoon and they go great with a cup of herbal tea!
Basic Veggie Soup
Basic Veggie SoupUsing any veggies you have leftover at the end of the week, you can throw together a warming, nutrient-rich soup!
Dairy-free coconut vanilla panncotta recipe
Coconut Vanilla PannacottaThis dairy, gluten & refined-sugar free dessert is perfectly creamy and sweet + not as hard to make as you might think!
Sundried Tomato Zoodles Recipe
Sun-dried Tomato ZoodlesFresh zucchini noodles topped with herbed chicken, asparagus and a creamy sun-dried tomato pesto? So good!