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3 months to overhaul everything you know about food, conscious living and weight loss
with Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Kirsty Cole.

Are you drowning in 28 day juice cleanses, 10 week diets and 4 week work out plans. How the holy-raw-chocolate-blissball do you choose the right program for you?

You’ve heard the saying”you are what you eat.” 

But did you know that you are also what you breathe, listen to, watch on TV, the conversations you have, relationships you’re in, your job and your thoughts?

This is what #ReInvent is about.

As your health & nutrition coach, I’m like your judgement-free bestie. Together we will dig deep and explore all facets of your life that contribute to health and wellbeing.

No rules.

No confusing meal plans, shakes or other miracle products.

Just a whole bunch of healthy tools to use forever, a badass community to support you and the knowledge to make your own nutrition choices.

Say goodbye to fad diets for good. No shakes, pills or weight loss gimmicks. Instead nourishing whole food, clean delicious recipes, a whole lot of education and support that will set you up for LIFE.

ever wondered…

  • What foods are actually healthy?
  • how to understand the nutrition panel?
  • How to choose healthy, without breaking the bank or becoming a social pariah?
  • Why you’re struggling to shift weight?
  • How to create a healthy menu, without losing hours sifting through recipe books?
  • Where to find reliable health and wellbeing information?
  • What personal care & household products are safe?

ever dreamed of…

  • Getting that coveted healthy glow?
  • Feeling in control of your life, emotions and choices?
  • Living symptom-free to really make the most of every single day?
  • Putting an end to those annoying cravings?
  • Having the body confidence to rock whatever clothes you want?
  • Achieving your big bucket-list desires sooner rather than later?
  • Losing weight and keeping it off for life – without dieting?
  • Energetically jumping out of bed everyday?

#ReInvent is about finding your balance – the sweet spot between getting closer to your goal while still living and enjoying life along the way.

As your health & nutrition coach, I’m like your

Judgement-free bestie.

I’m like the friend you’ve never had, the one that will listen and support you with a proactive approach to break through the blocks and limitations that are holding you back.

I’m not the person that’s going to ‘tell you off’ if you miss a session at gym, or force you to stick to any unrealistic diet plans. We work together to build a customised approach to diet and lifestyle that works for you, while keeping you accountable and kicking goals.

You are unique, so stop following someone else’s rules for perfect health. 

As your nutrition coach, I am also your advocate for living an energised and passionate life and help you see things from a different perspective!

What we will cover:

  • Find the perfect balance of Yin and Yang in your daily life
  • Learn how to relax and de-stress
  • Identify your intentions and work towards your personal goals
  • Create crystal clear clarity in all areas of your life
  • Shift your mindset to becoming more positive
  • Build confidence within your self and feel empowered

Want to chat?

Have questions about the program or just want to find out if this is the right fit for you? Click here to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation with your health & nutrition coach Kirsty Cole.

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“I am 25kg lighter, my skin is bright and clear…”

Since working with Kirsty my overall health has greatly improved. She gave me wonderful options and was highly encouraging and supportive, helping me find food choices that work for me. Knowing that I had options in my dietary health helped me realise that what I was doing was not a ‘fad diet’.

I am 25kg lighter, my skin is bright and clear, I have more energy than ever before, and most importantly, I am in far less pain and I have not been sick, which is a big deal for me!

I now have the knowledge to make the right choices that will positively impact on my health, for the rest of my life. For anyone looking for a permanent solution instead of a diet & rules to follow I would definitely recommend Kirsty!

Danielle B., Down 25kg, clear skin & feel amazing!

“Now I WANT to eat healthy and I WANT to exercise.”

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and I’ve been on fad diets more times than I can remember. When I was eighteen I started getting symptoms that would later be diagnosed as IBS. A few months ago i was trying to eat healthier because my son was starting solids and I wanted him to be healthy. I realised that I couldn’t do it on my own, so I got help from Kirsty.

In my first consult, she made me feel so much better about eating healthy and making it my lifestyle, not just a diet. It was a really slow start in the first month but I’m now down 20kgs, my family’s lifestyle is healthy and I feel so much better! Now I WANT to eat healthy and I WANT to exercise.

Katherine M., Down 20kg, whole family is healthy!

“I’ll never go on a ‘diet’ again, and I have Kirsty to thank for that.”

From the first consult with Kirsty I started to think differently about my health. I have been on a ‘diet’ since I was a teenager, but always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and Kirsty helped me to change my perspective. I no longer exercise because I hate my big thighs, saggy tummy or butt! Instead I exercise because I love my body and I am starting to really enjoy the rush of endorphins after an intense workout.

The quick, easy, basic ingredient recipes have been amazing and having my menu plan makes shopping so much easier. I’ll never go on a ‘diet’ again, and I have Kirsty to thank for that.

Carla L, No more dieting for me!

So.. How does this coaching stuff work? 

#ReInvent Program Outline.

Before you signup to anything, you’ll get a free 1:1 consultation where we will gloss over where you are at right now, and how I can help. If for any reason this program is not right for you, then we will not go ahead with no questions asked. Simple.


As a #ReInvent client you will get: 

  • Fortnightly 50 minute personal health coaching sessions (in person or via online chat like Skype or FaceTime)
  • Ongoing email and phone support between appointments
  • Access to the client-only private Facebook group
  • Evidence-based, holistic nutrition information & credible resources for additional research
  • Tonnes of recipes and clean whole food cooking tips
  • Complimentary attendance to any of my workshops, webinars or presentations during your program.

What makes #ReInvent different?

1. #ReInvent is personalised & “FLEXITARIAN”

Nutrition is a huge scientific field! So instead of bombarding you with tonnes of irrelevant information to sift through; you’ll get the resources that matter you YOU. Therefore, no two programs are exactly the same.

2. #ReInvent is for life

After your 3 month program is complete, you will have lifetime membership to the Facebook support group and the option to continue with consults on a month-to-month basis. However this program is designed to give you all the tools you need to program new habits and prioritise your health, forever.

3. #ReInvent is not a quick fix

If you are looking to lose xx kilos in a few weeks, this program is NOT for you.

Going hardcore on a fad diet is just asking for trouble. Also, releasing a lot of weight in a short amount of time is neither healthy, not advisable if keeping it off is your ultimate goal. This program will not help you drop 2 dress sizes in a week. Rather you will gradually make changes that you can stick to, giving you time to learn about new ingredients along the way and holistically #ReInvent yourself.

Its time to invest in yourself a little differently. After all, have any of the quick fix diets really ever worked?

Want to chat?

Have questions about the program or just want to find out if this is the right fit for you? Click here to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation with your health & nutrition coach Kirsty Cole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford it? 

Think about all the hundreds if not thousands of dollars you’ve spent on quick fixes, fasts and diet programs so far. Have any of them actually worked? 3 months of 1:1 personalised support and accountability so that you’ll never need ‘diet’ again… seems priceless to me!

You can pay for 3 months upfront and save, or pay in monthly instalments of $150. Before baulking at the price, consider how much you spend on a night out, or on new clothes and material ‘stuff’. Hiring a nutrition coach is an investment in you! Show yourself that you matter and invest in your future health & wellbeing.

Can you guarantee to change my life?

Over the course of 3 months we will work through some powerful stuff but ultimately, the results are 100% up to you. You need to be open to change, try new things and dig deep to apply the things we discuss. If you are ready to put in some work, so am I.

I will be travelling/busy with work/chasing around my babies, can I still work with you? 

Yes. If you are not in town, we can arrange a Phone or Skype consultation, also, if you have children and no sitter, bring them with you! I am fairly flexible around scheduling, however you do need to commit to the program and fortnightly consults whether in person, by phone or online.

Will there be email or phone support in between sessions?

Yes! During your 3 month #ReInvent program, you will have email and phone support from me, along with access to my members only Facebook group where you can exchange support, ideas and recipes with others just like you.

Can I buy this for a friend?

Absolutely! If you would like to arrange a gift certificate for a friend please contact me.